Sweet Pink baby chalkboard

Sweet Pink baby chalkboard

This birthday/100days chalkboard will be the perfect touch for your child's birthday/100days party. It will be completely personalized with your little one's details that you can keep forever to cherish the memories.



** When purchasing, please fill the following details and send to the e-mail below with your order number.


♥STEP 1: (Skip if not applicable)
-Name of child
-Favorite Song
-Favorite Food
-What words can they say?
-3-4 favorite things to do
-3-4 things they can do (example: wave bye-bye, clap, walk, etc)
-Weight (pounds)
-Height (inches)
-Favorite Book
-How many teeth do they have?

-Date of birth (Include height, weight)


**Some of these things can be switched out for other facts, but please note the design may change


♥STEP 2: Your proof will be emailed to you within 3 business days for your approval.


♥STEP 3: Print it out and mail it to you.




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